Friday, September 19, 2014

Seven Years


Seven years old. Happy birthday my first girl. How I adore the little lady you've become. You are the sweetest child I know. You always think of others and have a kindness beyond compare. I'm loving every year with you. You teach me more than you'll ever know. And your sassy silliness, it's a new thing. I love how you like to tease and joke with me and your Daddy. I'm still learning you, after these seven short years. What a gift you've given me by getting to be your Momma! 

Let's always remember how you love to work outside with Daddy, play outdoors doing cartwheels, and enjoy running around. You love just having fun. You are the best little soccer player too and always throw your hands up and jump in the airbwhen you score a goal. True joy. You're never afraid to try new things and enjoy life. You are my heart beat Laney. I adore you and will always be your #1 fan. 

We have enrolled you in Spanish immersion for first grade. It has been a trying time. I guess I was surprised by this. But, in truth, it makes sense.?You are a perfectionist and don't like not understanding. I can't imagine the frustration but you handle it with grace. We've shed some tears yet you always amaze me. I will never give up on you. And I pray in life you find the courage to never give up on yourself and others. 

We love you Laney Kate! Cheers to seven years! Happy birthday! 



Saturday, August 30, 2014

First week of school shenanigans

Second day of school! And a glimpse of our first week, days in and out, trying to find a schedule. Really just stay a float. The first week of school is always a little rough!
Walked her again. I think I'm going to like this little bit of exercise and stretching my legs.
Laney and Gavin. So stinking cute.

Love this picture that Mary took. We met the kids for lunch and took them CFA on Friday. 

Laney and reminding me before school she had to put on sunscreen. Let's talk about my rule follower. She truly is one.
Meanwhile at home......this little toot loves to get into everything. And look at herself in the mirror. Sweet babiest girl.
My Landry, spending time with you just never gets old. I do not want to send you off to school ever. This getting older thing is a blessing. I realize it is. But I miss my children when they are away. I guess this is part of it. Still, my heart hurts.
Always a stuffed animal. Usually lambie but always an animal in tote.

 My helper. Unfolding all I've folded. And putting it up. Notice Curious George, always a lovey.

Silly sugar bear!

Making it to the weekend! And Winning! GIG EM AGGIES! 


We went to the ranch for Labor Day weekend. The weather was thrilling. We got to experience a Texas thunderstorm that was beautiful and magical. There is quite the golden hour around dusk in the hill country and we were lucky to experience it this trip.

And meet Sally Red. The Crowells newest red lacy. She's a puppy and quite rambunctious. Best we could do on a family picture before the rain.

We climbed up in the hay loft! I felt like a kid climbing all over the hay. Pretty sure Laney loved this hay loft and would sleep up here if she could! I might too if it weren't so scratchy. I appreciate Jason and Matthew's hay hauling experience so much more now. Those are some heavy hay bails!

These ranching girls are certainly learning the ropes. Closing gates, feeding the cows, and helping Daddy and Paw Paw any chance they get. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of 1st Grade for Laney Kate

First day of 1st grade for Laney in her own words:

"We got to tell everyone our name. And do specials. For lunch I had pasta and I made new friends. I was wearing the same thing as Sloane and people asked if we were sisters. And I learned Hola Amigos! That's it Mommmmmmm!!!!"

I think Laney enjoyed her first day very much! She is in Spanish Immersion and she says she liked it! Eek!

Praying we made the right decision on this one. Considering I was initially a "no" and then we got in and had to actually make the decision. Honestly, I couldn't find a "no" and am having faith that Matthew and I made the best decision for Laney. I know she can do it. She's smart, kind, and eager to learn. I am hoping to give her her best chance. And learning any language at a young age can only be an asset in life.

Right before we took this picture Laney says "me llamo es Laney."
Let's go do this girl! We sang our song too that my Momma always sang to me on the way to school.

Keep Shining, Keep Smiling....knowing you can always count on me, for sure, that's what Mom's are for!

Laney and Gavin as we walked the first graders to  Woodridge!
Here we go into Woodridge!!! Go Laney! What a precious little first grader!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last Day in Watercolor- Time to head home

What a wonderful time we had in Watercolor. Just hard to describe such a literally perfect place. Very Norman Rockwellish and stunning homes, manicured grass, lush vegetation, and white sand beaches. Just lovely!

Here is the front porch and home we stayed in on Red Cedar. I kept calling it Red Fern, probably from the movie where the Red Fern Grows. 

 Time to say goodbye to Watercolor. Momma was sad to say the least.

 Leyton was just happy. She is a trooper. All these girls were.

 Good bye Pickles.

And cute little post office that doesn't look real. 

 A place called L.C.'s that we saw on the road. Nothing fancy just saw my initials.
 Baby holding her teapot.

We had some sleepers. 

 Then we stopped in Mobile, Alabama. I swore I would never stop here again after our Wendy's experience. Bu totally redeemed itself and we had the best lunch at Lap's. They even had alligators.

 Texas Street. Are we there yet?

 The terrible Wendy's we stopped at on the way.

 The weather on the way home!

 Here was Leyton at lunch. Loving on her Momma but check out this blonde haired babiest girl!

 The swamp in Louisiana.

 Sleeping girl. We made it home around 2:30 am. No words. But we made it. Home Sweet Home.