Thursday, April 03, 2014

Bits of April

Uncle Andy came for a visit and to have supper with us one night. He was in San Antonio for continuing education and the girls loved seeing him as always. 

Happy Leyton Avary smiling at her sisters. 

These two girls before school in their new dresses from Mickey. Landry doing her "foot grab" that she likes to do when posing.

 Volunteering at Howard. Kindergarten has been a lot of fun for Laney. I've loved seeing her learn. We were playing an addition game and these kids always surprise me in how far they've come in just eight months! And then on another topic, how has it been eight months.

Leyton playing with the purple elephant that Landry picked out for her. 

 Swinging at the park with Landry Lula Lou!

 Such a big girl. When did she learn how to swing so well? No more mommy push me. Breaks my heart a little bit each time they grow a little further up.

Beauty. Woke up from nap time a little early at school. Still such a sweet face

Monday, March 31, 2014

First Tooth and the Dentist

Leyton finally got her first tooth! I say finally because Laney and Landry got theirs around four and five months. She seems like she has been teething since January and today the little white speck popped up! Big girl got her first tooth on the bottom as expected.

Ironically, we had a trip to the dentist today. It was Landry's first time. She was so brave too and compliant.

Good news; No cavities! This was a big day for us. We went to McDonald's for Lanes and Chick Fil A for Landry.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Welcome Spring!

Our weather here in Texas has been tricky! But we've had some pretty days and enjoyed the weather when we hit sunshine. 

I think Leyton likes her little swing. She's still trying to figure it out though. 

I love those brown eyes. 

The toy Leyton is playing with was Laney's and Landry's too. We've loved it for a long time. I think she does too. And this purple dress from my Momma & her Mickey is precious!!!! 

And a quick pic of the girls before church on Sunday! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fiesta Farms

Laney's class, and several others at Howard, went to Fiesta Farms for a field trip. I followed the buses out with Leyton and we enjoyed a morning of animals, kids, and chaos! 

 A peacock! My girls love them and the way the males "shimmy" their feathers.

Petting a bunny. 

 Feeding a bunny!

Leyton was a trooper! She fell asleep for part of the field trip. 

 The paci helped too.

 Laney begged for this picture. Little piggies nursing on big piggy.

 I think Laney had a lot of fun. She was glad I went but loves to run around with her little friends.

 All the girls in her class!
 With Ms. Vincent
 We just might need a baby goat. Laney really loved them. And we do have a ranch in the family so might just need to do a little convincing.

Pure happiness! 

 Baby pigs are pretty cute too. But then they get big.

 My Laney. Please never get too big for your Momma! I love being able to do stuff like this with you.