Friday, June 27, 2014

Swim Lessons with Lula Lou!

Miss Landry Anne took swim lessons again this summer with Ms. Carol. And she did not want to take them or swim or go to the pool at all. She certainly was a fish last summer and then realized she was afraid this one. But she quickly caught back on.

Now she says it is her favorite thing ever! How things change in a week. 

I love this picture here so much of her smiling underwater. Adorable!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Vbs 2014 AHUMC and Sontreasure Island

Another wonderful week at Vacation Bible School!

All these pictures are a mixture from the week but it was wonderful. I was in Landry's class once again this year. I thought she would need me. She doesn't. Next year I will have to go with Laney! But what a fun group of sweet kiddos I had. I love the four year old group. Just the age four, might be my fav!!! I'm always sad, and exhausted, when the week is over. VBS is a great week and it's time like this I am so happy to be at home with the girls and able to do this.

Onto the random pictures.....

Abi, Landry, and Olivia. Olivia is Ashly's daughter, the other leader in the class. Abi is one of the high school volunteers. She was always braiding our hair!

I usually had at least two or three kids in my lap. Love these girls! Heidi, Landry, and Avery were pretty inseparable this week.

Landry finding her one treasure. I think we might have found a few in her lunch box that we had to put back. She picked out a blue stone for me.

Leyton and Hallie. Thank goodness for Mary Barker and taking care of our babies. Seriously, she was the best!

Jen, Laney, and Landry making signs for the lemon aid stand. This year it was for Asbury United Methodist and a play ground for the children. 

Lunch time one day with all these sweet little faces. I love watching the different personalities in kids. I sometimes with I'd been a teacher. Then I realize I might not have it in me but man they sure are cute! 

Lemonaid stand at Jen's! I love seeing Leyton's little face peeking over the table here.

Eagerly selling lemon aid! Love that Anna came by with little Thad. 

Me and the Crowell Clan. Love these girls. Glad they are mine!

Oh Emme. You are too cute for words. Truly, and you love to dance and sing! Great week with this girlie!

Our class. Love these faces, all of them. 

Going outside to the playground!
From sweet Avery.

Oh William. Last summer I had him in my VBS class. I remember thinking he was that 1 in 10 boy that I'd take. Then we had a girl! And I had him again this year and I have the itch to have a baby boy! He is so sweet. But no #4 for us. Just glad I go to see this sweet boy again! Here's the flower he made me in class! 
 Landry and Emme blowing bubbles! And getting them all over their clothes!

Our volunteers. Abi, Alex, and Lena. Sweet, precious teenagers.
Hanging with Heidi!
 Going to chapel....

 Ready for Chapel and to sing and worship!

Playground pals! 

 Laney and Kendall during chapel!

 Recess one day and popping the blow ups off the tarp! 

 Little stinker. Walking all over the place. She just looks too little to be doing this to me already!

And I can't braid Laney's hair quite so well so we had Abi do this. Too cute! 

Anyway, another blessed year and memories made at VBS. We made new friends and learned more about Jesus and his love for us. Children are such a blessing. This week truly reminded me of that. And as exhausted as I was, and maybe I still am, someone told me "it's ok, let's just be tired for Jesus" and I couldn't have thought of a better way to put it. After all, look what he did for us.