Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of 1st Grade for Laney Kate

First day of 1st grade for Laney in her own words:

"We got to tell everyone our name. And do specials. For lunch I had pasta and I made new friends. I was wearing the same thing as Sloane and people asked if we were sisters. And I learned Hola Amigos! That's it Mommmmmmm!!!!"

I think Laney enjoyed her first day very much! She is in Spanish Immersion and she says she liked it! Eek!

Praying we made the right decision on this one. Considering I was initially a "no" and then we got in and had to actually make the decision. Honestly, I couldn't find a "no" and am having faith that Matthew and I made the best decision for Laney. I know she can do it. She's smart, kind, and eager to learn. I am hoping to give her her best chance. And learning any language at a young age can only be an asset in life.

Right before we took this picture Laney says "me llamo es Laney."
Let's go do this girl! We sang our song too that my Momma always sang to me on the way to school.

Keep Shining, Keep Smiling....knowing you can always count on me, for sure, that's what Mom's are for!

Laney and Gavin as we walked the first graders to  Woodridge!
Here we go into Woodridge!!! Go Laney! What a precious little first grader!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last Day in Watercolor- Time to head home

What a wonderful time we had in Watercolor. Just hard to describe such a literally perfect place. Very Norman Rockwellish and stunning homes, manicured grass, lush vegetation, and white sand beaches. Just lovely!

Here is the front porch and home we stayed in on Red Cedar. I kept calling it Red Fern, probably from the movie where the Red Fern Grows. 

 Time to say goodbye to Watercolor. Momma was sad to say the least.

 Leyton was just happy. She is a trooper. All these girls were.

 Good bye Pickles.

And cute little post office that doesn't look real. 

 A place called L.C.'s that we saw on the road. Nothing fancy just saw my initials.
 Baby holding her teapot.

We had some sleepers. 

 Then we stopped in Mobile, Alabama. I swore I would never stop here again after our Wendy's experience. Bu totally redeemed itself and we had the best lunch at Lap's. They even had alligators.

 Texas Street. Are we there yet?

 The terrible Wendy's we stopped at on the way.

 The weather on the way home!

 Here was Leyton at lunch. Loving on her Momma but check out this blonde haired babiest girl!

 The swamp in Louisiana.

 Sleeping girl. We made it home around 2:30 am. No words. But we made it. Home Sweet Home.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Watercolor Day 5

Morning run and my footsteps on the beach in Watercolor, Florida. 

 I just love the sound of the ocean and the peace it provides.
 Watercolor and one of the areas I really liked.

Breakfast! Jason made the best hash browns. They were delicious !

 Getting packed up for the pool and paddle boarding.

 Last night everyone got Moo Bars and s'mores.

 These s'mores  were delicious!

 Oh My Landry. What a story this picture has behind it.

You didn't really love the beach.  You adjusted and accepted it finally but the only thing you really enjoyed was searching for shells. This is the one thing Watercolor doesn't have much of. Truly.

So, spending time with you on our last day we searched for shells. And I mean Mommy really searched. For probably a good hour and a half. They were hard to find. I found a few and would have to fight the waves and salt water in my eyes. But I found a few. I kept asking if you wanted to go the pool yet but you wanted to search for a special shell.

I was crying on the inside. Pleading with God to let me find a shell for you. Not a piece of one or a teeny tiny clam. So I kind of gave up. We decided to walk to the other end of the beach and get Daddy to take our picture. So, as we were walking I looked down and saw a tiny white shell. Like other times, I reached my hand in and instead of grabbing a bunch of sand and hoping a shell would come through, I simply grabbed the light white shell. But, it wasn't a shell! It was a petite, perfectly sized for Landry, baby sand dollar. A treasure for my treasure. Truly, a gift from above and I'll always remember finding this with you. A wonderful memory.

Watercolor you haven't seen the last of this crew. We will be back to see your beautiful beach.