Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Night

Happy Halloween! The girls had a lot of fun this week! Lots of class parties for all and then trick or treating on Halloween night. And it fell on a Friday so that was nice!

 We had Princess Elsa, a beautiful blue butterfly, and a cute lady bug! I call Leyton bug so thought this costume for her was fitting. Lots of pictures to see!

 The little antennas did not last too long.

My beauties!

 We went over to the Barker's for some Halloween activities...bobbing for apples, pin the tail on something, it was great to hang with them until we went trick or treating.

 Laney and Gavin, sweet buddies.

 All the kids dressed up. It was trying to get a picture without the littles Leyton and Hallie trying to escape.

 Bobbing for those apples!

 Swinging with Daddy!

Best we could do with the girls. 

 We went to Ellen's, like we do every year, and saw the Menzel crew and did a little trick or treating in Alamo Heights. Then we headed to our neighborhood and M took the girls while Leyton went down and I handed out candy.

 Then the best part of the night, the girls handed out candy. This is always their favorite part!