Bucket List

I think I’ve done a lot in 30 years. I’ve had opportunities to travel the world and the U.S.,

scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef, bunji jumped in Cairns, finished a marathon, seen the Sydney Opera House, Big Ben in London, held a koala in OZ, biked across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran, zip lined canopies in the Costa Rican Rainforest, skied and white water rafted the Colorado Rockies, and seemed to have left a piece of my heart all over this whole wide world  Texas. I can’t even begin to describe the love for this great state.

Still yet, with all I’ve experienced, I am hopeful for time to check even more personal yearnings off my list and just keeping busy by loving life. In addition to the daily grind of course! In my adult life, I’ve always tried to live by making decisions with the motto “it’s better to regret doing this than to regret not!” I hope that makes sense.

To hold myself accountable I’ve started up a running list of hopefuls that I will accomplish and experience in this life. I realize some of the goals are silly and trite, but they are important to me. The list consists of 44 items. It’s funny how that happened. I just started typing and found myself done at 44. This number has always been special to me. I don’t have an exact reason; it has just always appeared randomly in my life.

1. Love my children and my family with my entire being all the days of my life

2. Buy a home and create memories and moments that last a lifetime

3. Run a marathon. Qualify to run the Boston Marathon and finish!

4. Go Antique Shopping and buy an antique.

5. Go Kayaking.

6. Visit the Grand Canyon.

7. Visit Big Bend National Park and go camping!

8. Skydive.

9. Run with the Bulls.

10. Beach house in North Carolina, someday.

11. Learn how to make bows for my girls.

12. Enchanted Rock.

13. Visit Italy, France, and Canada.

14. Visit the Pike Place Market in Seattle and throw or catch a fish!

15. Pay off Matthew’s Student Loans.

16. Write a Children’s Book.

17. Finish Graduate School.

18. Pass the CPA Exam.

19. Take Laney and Landry to Disney World.

20. Learn how to use my camera. Really use it.

21. Learn how to use photo shop.

22. Play poker and win money.

23. Watch the sunrise with my family.

24. Go Sailing.

25. Learn to surf.

26. Learn sign language.

27. Run a marathon once a year, possibly in different states to reach them all.

28. Learn to speak French.

29. Fire a pistol (learn to load, cock, shoot, on my own).

30. Go on a cruise.

31. Visit the Northern Lights.

32. Visit Niagara Falls.

33. Visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

34. Visit the Louvre.

35. Get a telescope and take up astronomy at the ranch.

36. Have a vineyard in the hill country, a small one for family and friends.

37. Learn how to make wine.

38. Make a quilt.

39. Read entire Bible.

40. Read Wuthering Heights.

41. Plant a Garden.

42. Coach a sport’s team for the girls.

43. Go to the Kentucky Derby.

44. A vivid dream is to one day to build a house at the ranch with a wraparound porch on the second floor where my family can sit and drink iced tea while admiring the sunset in the Texas hill country. Someday.

Here’s to living and accomplishing the small stuff that makes up every day life! Here I come!