My Heart

How do we define happy?
There are happy faces, happy feet, happy birthday’s, happy Halloween and holidays, Happy Gilmore, and the list tolls on. But what is happy? Can we really define the euphoric feeling of pure excitement and awe at the moments we are given? I find happiness in many ways and I’d like to share them in my happiness project or attempt to better myself through the inspiration I will share.
I was in my favorite store—must I even say—Anthrolopologie, and came across the book “The Happiness Project.” Let’s be honest, with my chaotic schedule I barely have time to brush my teeth, so reading a book seemed like a long stretch. However, I read the first page and felt like “the book was writing to me.” Perhaps it was the first paragraph with mentions of learning Photoshop, reading Shakespeare, and forgetting birthday’s. Yet a life filled with the blessings of a marriage with a tall dark, handsome attorney, beautiful daughters, close family relationships, a challenging career, and close friends. Still, easily snapping at silly frustrations and forgetting to give thought to my life. My precious life, a life that I’ve been given to praise the Lord, raise a family, thrive in my own skin, and love the moments of joy ,and cry out in the moments of pain. All of it wrapped together must amount to something and I want to think on these things.
 At any rate, I left Anthro with a different kind of purchase than typical.
So, it begins. My own happiness project. I don’t know what I expect really. Maybe to dig deeper, find more satisfaction in the smallest of moments, being more comfortable in my own skin, to take less pictures and enjoy them for the memory rather than the quality, to quit taking health for granted, or to simply be satisfied with the life I lead and deciding to be happier about it.
We will see what I discover along the way.
A quote that I want to share:
“What a wonderful life I’ve had! If only I’d realized it sooner.”