Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coming Summer 2013!

We found out after Thanksgiving we were expecting baby Crowell #3! And we are due late July (but I think it will be early August)! I'm coasting along and feeling okay. I've had a few yuck days but all in all I think this might be the earliest (literally) and quickest to pass morning sickness I've had. The morning starts at 5 am this go around. The girls were sporadic and different times too.
 Fingers crossed it's almost over!
This baby has a unique story; as all do. I found out Sunday after our Thanksgiving travels that I was expecting. This was a special day, as we always get our main tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving. And this year it was in our new house! What a beautiful tree we found too. It was about 10" feet tall and we had to trim the top a little bit to fit our ceilings in the main living area.
It was just such a happy day! Linley was baptized the morning, we had seen both families, and our drive back was full of "stuff" as we joked about being the Clampits. And the thought ran across my mind; what could make this day even better would be a positive pregnancy test! Except, I just knew it was too early. Still, I could not help myself and took a test, forgot about it, and went outside to help Matthew with getting the tree settled. The trunk was so huge that we didn't have a tree stand that would work! So, he had to go to Lowe's to look for one. I ran inside to get his wallet, check the test, and wait.......there was faint pink line. I, wait for this,  had to check with my oldest daughter to make sure there were two lines. Yes, my affirmation was Laney. Sure enough, two lines (and another positive test!) I was fairly certain I was pregnant.
Laney and I had a secret. This is the picture we took after we found out. Happy. Happy. Happy.
And we didn't tell Matthew for a week! I started to on Sunday night. But he had his last billable week for the year at work and I knew he would be stressed. I wanted to enjoy his finding out! I even had to pretend drink at his work party so he wouldn't know!
We told him on Friday, November 30th. Landry actually told him. She asked him to read her the book below. He wasn't really paying attention until I said "Matthew, notice who is holding that book asking you to read it?" and he looked at me and asked "are you pregnant?!"
Yup. I just nodded. I was nervous to tell him; I don't really know why since we'd actually been trying for a bit. But he is an only child and having three was a negotiation. He could not have surprised me more! He was sweet, smiley, and excited all evening!!! And kept touching my tummy. This is "uncharacteristic" of the M I know and I was relieved to let the cat out of the bag.

Love this picture of Landry!
Sweet Landry. What an awesome big sister she is going to be. For an almost three year old she. is. on. board. Constantly trying to "see" and kiss the baby! I'm a little surprised with her interest and hearing her say "Mommy, you're pwwwegnant?" was just adorable. She too kept her lips sealed for quite some time. Finally, she was able to tell her friends and teachers at school.
Here is our little and latest nugget.

Coming this Summer 2013!!!


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whoo-hoo!!! And what an ADORABLE little nugget you have too :) Love you with all my heart, friend!!!

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Yay baby 3!!!!! Love that bitty baby already.

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