Saturday, February 18, 2017

San Francisco, Napa, and Muir Woods

Good Morning San Francisco!

 You know me too well Crowell. Better than anyone I think. We had a wine tasting in Napa and I was hiding a pretty big secret from you. You wondered why I wasn't drinking my wine samples. And I was sipping but you know that I don't do that well.
You asked me why I wasn't drinking...I proclaimed that I was.
You then proceeded to ask me if I was pregnant? I answered, no.
Lastly, you asked me if I had taken a test. And I couldn't lie. So we met outside the beautiful table area in the wine cave and I told you about our baby. Our baby I have begged you for. And you were the sweetest and happiest for me. That's what you said to me....I'm so happy for you.
You said you knew on this trip because I was glowing. As I type this, I see it in the picture too. My sparkly eyes are back. We are having a baby, again. And I am over the moon thrilled.

Meanwhile, back at home....

 I kept seeing cute little #4 things here and there.

Muir Woods. You were beautiful and impressive.

 The Full House house! We stopped and took a picture for the girls.

Best day in San Fran. Dessert in bed and watching Bridget Jones. I'm not even kidding. It was lovely and relaxing.

Cotton Candy!

Confirmation that this is happening!

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