Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Aggieland "From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. From the inside out, you can't explain it."

This past weekend Matthew and I took Laney on a visit to our Alma mater; Texas A&M University in College Station. It was Parent's Weekend and my Momma and I wanted to go visit Landon. I was never what you would call a die hard Aggie and much more of a two percenter. Saying that, the days of yester year were quickly recalled.

As I sat on the campus of a school I have cherished and loved, I recalled my dreams and aspirations of youth. The life of yesterday quickly returned and I was the girl I once was. I couldn't have imagined ten years ago, in my Blocker math class, that I would be sitting in the grass of academia breast feeding my child. Nor that the father, of the same 8:00 am fate, would be by my side disposing of a dirty diaper.

It just seems that the dreams of days gone by, and the reality of today, weren't what I had imagined. Yet it has been these surprises that have made my life more precious than I could have predicted.

I love this picture Matthew took as he was falling down. Laney was laughing at the cow my brother Landon got for her with an A&M T-shirt and the Blocker building is in the back. The picture says it all....

This picture is of the room that I took my first class, Math 141 in Blocker. The irony is Matthew and I had this class together at 8:00 am MWF. He walked in late every single day and I rolled out of bed from my dorm room in Hobby and walked five minutes.

On my first visit to campus my Mother and I visited the Aggie Ring and learned about the tradition of receiving one. We took Laney and showed her the ring and maybe someday she will get one too. I won't force tradition on her though, she can decide where she wants to go.

My first time to walk under the Century tree! Finally! There is a superstition that if you walk under it with someone that is who you will marry or if you walk under it by yourself you are jinxed. Something like that but M and I walked under it together for the first time! It was silly but fun to do.

In truth, this was the first visit back that I realized life has moved on. It was similar to the first time I returned to Madison Middle School and noticed the halls were tinier than I remembered. Or the first time that I went back to Cooper and it just didn't seem as important as it was when I was sixteen. Bittersweet nostalgia.

And Laney and her very own Grandmother laughing per the usual!!!! My Momma would kiss her feet and make her screech. It doesn't matter what my Mother does, Laney looks at her and just giggles!

And here we are being silly as a family. We would open our mouths real big and say "ahhhh"and then Laney would follow suit....

Please tell me how Laney can do this. I love limes but she just sucked on a lemon without puckering! Moments later it may have registered but she liked it!

Crick, Nick, and Dakota......our fav Aggies! Laney would just wave her arms around for Dakota, it was fun to witness. Laney has no fear of anything yet, I'm waiting....

She is still creeping and, well, trying to stand. They say some kids skip crawling and she seems to be trying to do that. She pulls up in the crib at daycare and onto things at home. She is busy and motivated but eek!


Lesley said...

I'm so sad I missed that weekend! Looks like y'all had so much fun though! I love y'all and miss you so much!

andydawn said...

Mason LOVES lemons too, even with ketchup :) I love her big smiles!